The Apex Predator
The Apex Predator
Gamerscore 20 Gamerscore icon
Trophy Bronze Bronze trophy
Complete the Superstars Path of Champions with any Superstar.

The Apex Predator is an achievement/trophy in WWE All Stars. It can be earned by completing the Superstars Path of Champions with any character (the actual definition states Superstar, but may also include a Legend). The finale pits the user against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Unlocking this achievement contributes 20 points for an Xbox 360 user's Gamerscore and a Bronze Trophy for PS3 users.

It is one of three Path of Champions achievements/trophies that can be earned, the other two being Facing the Deadman (for completing Legends Path of Champions) and Breaking the Rules (for completing the Tag Team Path of Champions).

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