Steel Cage
Rey Mysterio drops Mr. Perfect
Rey Mysterio drops Mr. Perfect from the cage.
Icon Cage icon
Participants 2-4
Victory Climb Out
DQs No
Debut Unknown

A Steel Cage match is a specialty match fought within high steel-linked fencing that surrounds all four edges of the wrestling ring. It is long-considered the most popular type of gimmick match due to its long-storied history of settling some of wrestling's biggest feuds.

In WWE All Stars, the only way to win the Steel Cage match is to climb a side of the cage, then once reaching the top, the player must complete a timing minigame on five successful tries to escape out of the cage with both feet reaching the floor. As opposed to traditional cage match settings, the match doesn't allow for pinfalls, submission, or the option to escape by door.


With God as my witness, he is broken in half! Just like in the WWE of the 80s, the steel cage is the coveted jewel of the gimmick matches in WWE All Stars. The steel cage match in WWE All Stars is full of explosive action. Players are able to slingshot their opponents across the ring to send them face flying into the fence, achieve a daring dive at the top of (or while climbing) the cage and struggle for position with punch and grapple throws while climbing the steel contraption. Do you escape for victory or do you give in to letting your opponent feel the wrath of a top-rope cage dive? Resist the temptation and the first WWE Superstar or WWE Legend to escape the cage wins the match!

Trophy icon Achievements and trophiesEdit

Trophy icon Steel Cage achievements
Image Achievement Xbox 360 icon PSN logo
Over the Top Over the Top 15 Bronze trophy

Among the achievements and trophies for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users, winning a Steel Cage match for the first time will earn the Over the Top achievement, earning 15 points for an Xbox 360 user's Gamerscore and a Bronze Trophy for PS3 users.

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