Rated-RKO was a professional wrestling tag team in WWE that consisted of Edge and Randy Orton. The name "Rated-RKO" contains part of Edge's nickname, "The Rated R Superstar",and Orton's initials/finishing maneuver, RKO.

Edge and Orton formed an alliance in October 2006 to challenge the team of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, collectively known as D-Generation X (DX), who Rated-RKO felt were preventing them from becoming world champions. Rated-RKO would succeed in defeating DX, giving the latter their first loss since their reunion in June 2006. The following month, Edge and Orton became World Tag Team Champions.

In January 2007, Rated-RKO would go on to lose the World Tag Team Championship, which would cause tension between the two. The group officially disbanded in May 2007, after Edge moved to the SmackDown brand. Edge and Orton had occasional reunions until Edge's retirement in 2011.