Path of Champions Tag Team is one of three Path of Champions story modes featured in WWE All Stars that involves completing a gauntlet of 10 tornado tag team matches that culminates in a WWE Tag Team Championship title shot at WrestleMania against Triple H and Shawn Michaels of D-Generation X (DX).

The opposing All Star tag teams found in Path of Champions Tag Team consist of legendary tandems that found success in the WWE such as the Brothers of Destruction and Mega Powers, while other duos are dream team combinations such as Andre the Giant teaming with Big Show. The gauntlet also changes match types to include Elimination Tag and Extreme Rules modes.

Unlike normal tag team matches found in previous sports entertainment video games, WWE All Stars features tornado tag team matches that pit two-person teams against the other and involves no tagging. Each play-through takes approximately 1½ hours, considering matches generally last a little over five minutes (plus a few will be lost and need to be replayed). Three DX cut-scenes are also included.


It’s time to determine the greatest Tag Team in WWE history. Can you survive the WWE’s greatest WWE Legends and WWE Superstars and defeat D-Generation X at WrestleMania? Triple H and Shawn Michaels are the self-proclaimed greatest Tag Team in WWE history, and they announce they are here to stake their claim to the WWE Tag Team Championship. And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for you ... SUCK IT!

Path of ChampionsEdit

Suck It
Path of Champions Tag Team
Image Opponent Match Arena Progress
Shawn Michaels headshotTriple H headshot Shawn Michaels and Triple H Tornado icon WrestleMania All Stars logo Small champion icon Small champion icon
You have run the gauntlet, beaten the competition and earned the right to face D-Generation X at WrestleMania! Triple H and Shawn Michaels await in Tornado Tag Championship match!
Undertaker headshotKane headshot The Undertaker and Kane Trash icon SmackDown 2
WrestleMania is just around the corner and D-Generation X has made one final attempt to put an end to your team's progress. Tonight's competition is a force to be reckoned with!
Macho Man headshotHulk Hogan headshot Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan Tornado icon RAW 3
Star power dominates the ring tonight as the competition to become the number one contenders continues! Can you overcome these WWE Legends and advance to the final round?
Andre the Giant headshotBig Show headshot Andre the Giant and Big Show Elimination icon All Stars logo 4
With WrestleMania drawing near, DX has arranged for your team to face two of the most dominating Superstars ever to step into the ring in an Elimination match!
The Rock headshotStone Cold headshot The Rock and Steve Austin Trash icon SmackDown 5
The Attitude Era returns to the WWE as your team battles against Legendary opponents in an Extreme Rules Tornado Tag match!
Sgt. Slaughter headshotJack Swagger headshot Sgt. Slaughter and Jack Swagger Tornado icon RAW 6
Your team has drawn DX's personal attention! They've handpicked your next opponents and are counting on them to eliminate you from the competition!
Jake Roberts headshotRandy Orton headshot Jake Roberts and Randy Orton Trash icon Summerslam 7
DX has upped the ante, making tonight's Tornado Tag match under Extreme Rules! With no disqualifications, mayhem is sure to ensue!
John Morrison headshotThe Miz headshot John Morrison and The Miz Elimination icon All Stars logo 8
Tonight, more Tornado Tag action with a twist! An Elimination match! Your team must pin or knockout both opponents to advance!
Roddy Piper headshotDrew McIntyre headshot Roddy Piper and Drew McIntyre Tornado icon SmackDown 9
Tonight, your team faces a pair of determined opponents as the competition to face D-Generation X at WrestleMania continues!
Rey Mysterio headshotEddie Guerrero headshot Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero Tornado icon RAW 10
DX has declared itself the greatest tag team in WWE history. Tonight, your quest to become the number one contenders begins!

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