Path of Champions Superstars is one of three Path of Champions story modes featured in WWE All Stars that involves completing a gauntlet of 10 matches that culminates in a WWE Championship title shot at WrestleMania against Randy Orton.


"The Apex Predator", Randy Orton, has pitted the WWE Superstars against you. Can you defeat them all in various grueling matches to face him at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship? In the opening cutscene, Randy Orton holds up the WWE Championship and tells you to “get a look at greatness!” “The Viper” vows that should you face him at WrestleMania, he will end your career!

Path of ChampionsEdit

The Apex Predator
Path of Champions Superstars
Image Opponent Match Arena Progress
Randy Orton headshot Randy Orton Vs icon WrestleMania All Stars logo Small champion icon
You've fought your way into the Main Event at WrestleMania! Randy Orton has promised to end your career! It's time to put everything on the line for the WWE Championship!
John Cena headshotTriple H headshot John Cena and Triple H Elimination icon All Stars logo 2
With one match to go before WrestleMania, you face your toughest challenge yet! A final Triple Threat Elimination match against two multi-time WWE Champions!
Undertaker headshot The Undertaker Cage icon SmackDown 3
Randy Orton is the least of your worries tonight! In order to advance, you must survive a Steel Cage match against one of the Brothers of Destruction!
Sheamus headshot Sheamus Trash icon RAW 4
After two brutal Elimination matches, the road to WrestleMania and Randy Orton gets tougher, as you face off against a former WWE Champion!
Big Show headshotThe Miz headshot Big Show and The Miz Elimination icon All Stars logo 5
As the field of remaining Superstars narrows, the competition grows fiercer, with a second Triple Threat Elimination match! Will you be the last Superstar standing!
Rey Mysterio headshotCM Punk headshot Rey Mysterio and CM Punk Elimination icon Summerslam 6
Three of WWE's brightest Superstars are putting it all on the line tonight in a Triple Threat Elimination match! Only one will remain in contention for the WWE Championship!
Jack Swagger headshot Jack Swagger Vs icon RAW 7
The competition to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship continues! Have you recovered enough from your Extreme Rules match to face this tough Superstar!
Edge headshot Edge Trash icon All Stars logo 8
Tonight! The Rated R Superstar competes in a match he helped make famous, Extreme Rules! It's going to be ruthless aggression from bell to bell!
John Morrison headshotKofi Kingston headshot John Morrison and Kofi Kingston Elimination icon SmackDown 9
Tonight on SmackDown, you face two of the WWE's dynamic Superstars in an Elimination match! Only one of the competitors will remain in the hunt to face Randy Orton!
Drew McIntyre headshot Drew McIntyre Vs icon RAW 10
Randy Orton has issued his open challenge to the entire WWE roster! The competition begins for you tonight with a strong opponent stepping up to face you in singles competition!

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