Greatest Warrior is 1 out of 15 Fantasy Wafare challenges in WWE Allstars. Here is the Walkthrough to this challenge.

Ultimate WarriorEdit

Ultimate Warrior is good with strikes. As long as you can hit Sheamus with strike combos you should be alright. To work up your finisher more quickly do your signature. Your strikes will help fill your Signature meter. Technicaly one thing leads to another. Don't try to run it will waste your Signature meter plus Ultimate Warriors running attacks arn't that good. Becareful Sheamus is good at reversals. Complete the challenge with Ultimate Warrior and unlock the following:

  • Greatest High Flyer Fantasy Warfare challenge.


With Sheamus the same strategy is used as Ultimate Warrior. This Challenge is easier with Sheamus as of his ability to reverse moves. Complete the Challenge with Sheamus and unlock the following

  • Greatest High Flyer Fantasy Warfare challenge.