Greatest High Flyer is 2 out of 15 Fantasy Warfare challenges in WWE Allstars. Here is the Walkthrough to this challenge.

Eddie GurreroEdit

An easy way to win this match as Eddie is easy. All you have to do is wear Rey down with Eddie amazing grapples and then hit Rey with your Finisher, Simple. Be careful of Rey's Quickness and how him reversing one of your moves could make you lose momentum. Complete this challenge as Eddie Gurrero and unlock the following:

  • Eddie Gurrero.
  • Inovative Offence Fantasy Warfare challenge.

Rey MysterioEdit

This challenge is probably easier with Mysterio. He is quicker than Guerrero which can be used to your advantage. Your Energy Meter (That allows you to run) is a key factor with Mysterio. His running atacks can lead to major oppotunities in the match. Once Eddie's health is down or nearly down hit him with the 619 and you will be guarenteed victory. Complete this challenge as Rey Mysterio and unlock the following:

  • Inovative Offence Fantasy Warfare challenge.