Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre
Generation WWE logo WWE Superstars
Height 6 ft. 5 in.
Weight 253 lbs. (18 stone)
From Flag icon of Scotland Ayr, Scotland
Finisher Future Shock DDT
Debut WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

Drew McIntyre is a WWE Superstar with a proud Scottish heritage. In WWE All Stars, McIntyre is an unlockable character, classed as a Brawler. At the age of 25, he is the youngest member of the roster.

In Fantasy Warfare, he is matched against "Rowdy" Roddy Piper for the title: Pride of Scotland. If won as McIntyre, he will be unlocked to use in other modes. Among Path of Champions, he is an opponent in two different paths. First, McIntyre is the first opponent during Path of Champions Superstars, then tag teams with Roddy Piper in the second stage of Path of Champions Tag Team.

Book icon BiographyEdit

From the moment Drew McIntyre entered the realm of SmackDown, he made his intentions very clear to the WWE Universe – plow over anyone he feels like and snatch the spotlight from wherever it might be pointing. And, before even taking part in a single match, McIntyre turned Friday nights upside-down by launching a series of unrelenting attacks on R-Truth.
The ruthless aggression of the Scottish Superstar paid in spades when he was personally awarded a SmackDown contract by the Chairman of WWE himself, Mr. McMahon, who called him "a future World Champion."
Since arriving on SmackDown, "The Chosen One" has paid dividends on Mr. McMahon’s belief in him, reigning supreme over John Morrison to capture the illustrious Intercontinental Championship. McIntyre’s forceful nature is only outdone by his extreme confidence and ironclad resolve.

Small Hanger icon AppearanceEdit

Drew McIntyre has two available attires in WWE All Stars. As the default attire, McIntyre uses his "Chosen One" black tights with the sides replicating the crossing lines in the Scotland flag.

McIntyre also has one alternate attire that pays homage to his attire he wore while rising through the ranks in Great Britain independent promotions, which can be unlocked by completing any Path of Champions as Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre
Image Attire
Drew McIntyre primary attire
  • Primary Attire
    • "The Chosen One" - Upon debuting on SmackDown in 2009, Mr. McMahon introduced Drew McIntyre as a "future World Champion" that he had personally signed. Ever since, McIntyre has worn these tights as "The Chosen One".
    • Look - Black tights with the sides replicating a Scotland flag, with X marks made of blue on the inside and outlined in white on the outside. Black boots, black wrist tape, and black kneepads that also have the same Scotland-inspired X marks.
Drew McIntyre alternate attire
  • Alternate Attire Padlock icon
    • "Scotland Pride" - In a rare acknowledgement of his success prior to WWE, this outfit comes from McIntyre's time in British Championship Wrestling before leaving for WWE, circa 2007. He also wore these tights in his original 2007 WWE debut.
    • Look - Blue bicycle trunks with a traditional Scotland flag on the rear, with free-flowing white flares on the sides and bottom of attire. White boots are outlined in black, black wrist tape, and black kneepads.

Trophy icon Achievements and trophiesEdit

Trophy icon Drew McIntyre achievements
Image Achievement Xbox 360 icon PSN logo
The Pride of Scotland The Pride of Scotland 10 Bronze trophy

Among the achievements and trophies for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users, winning a Tornado Tag Team match using the team of Drew McIntyre and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will earn The Pride of Scotland hidden achievement, earning 10 points for an Xbox 360 user's Gamerscore and a Bronze Trophy for PS3 users.

Small champion icon Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Drew McIntyre
Championships and accomplishments
Title Rank Design Championship Reign Date: Won - Lost Days
1 United States icon WWE Intercontinental Championship icon Line WWE logo Intercontinental 1 Dec. 13, 2009 - May 23, 2010 161
2 Helmet icon WWE Tag Team Championship icon Line WWE logo Tag Team (with Cody Rhodes) 1 Sept. 19, 2010 - Oct. 24, 2010 35



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