Attitude Problem
Attitude Problem
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore icon
Trophy Bronze Bronze trophy
Get disqualified in three consecutive matches in any mode.

Attitude Problem is a hidden achievement/trophy in WWE All Stars. It can be earned by getting disqualified in three consecutive matches in any mode.

The mode may include Exhibition, Fantasy Warfare, or Path of Champions, however an Extreme Rules and Steel Cage match feature no disqualifications and therefore, the achievement can not be done in such a match type.

The best way to achieve this task is during a standard 1-on-1 match, go outside the ring and go near the middle of the ring apron. Here you can obtain a chair from under the ring. Using the chair, whap the opponent (it may require getting a chair on two separate occassions since the fourth chairshot will render the weapon useless). The third warning will result in a disqualification.

This is the only achievement that requries the user to lose.

The icon is represented by Sheamus.